Blayne's Story

Blayne joined Carrington West in 2013 as a Senior Consultant to help grow the highways team. With experience in the sector, Blayne was well placed to quickly make a significant impact and has rapidly risen through the ranks to Director level. Now responsible for 4 specialist teams and an integral part of the senior leadership team, Blayne’s story shows that the sky is the limit at Carrington West.

Why recruitment?

Recruitment is a rewarding and fast-paced profession which is all about ‘people’. From the outset I felt this would be ideal for me as I have a need to be busy and thrive on personal interaction. Recruitment has given me the chance to get to know so many people from so many different walks of life, many of whom become friends. Along that journey I’ve helped hundreds of people find new roles, many of which were life-changing for the individuals. That is hugely satisfying.

What initially attracted you to Carrington West?

Carrington West had (and still have) a very clear vision. I immediately bought in to the people, the opportunity and the direction of the company. To this day I’ve not looked back, as I truly feel Carrington West treat their staff in a uniquely special way.

You are now a Director, how would you describe your career journey over the past seven years?

It’s been fun, frenetic, challenging, rewarding, hard-work; and at times a mix of all of these! As the company has grown I’ve had to grow with it, always trying to find ways to improve myself and focus on continuous self-development. Taking responsibility for others was an amazing step, as it’s been so rewarding to see people who felt like they may have been taking a risk joining what was a smaller company build hugely successful careers. I feel I’ve learned a lot and changed a lot, but it’s been a blast.

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

Every day we are given the opportunity to make a big difference. Historically, I loved the thrill of placing people in to jobs and being recognised by clients and candidates for doing so. Nowadays, it’s more about watching as those around me build their careers, as Carrington West gave me the chance to do so. I find it hugely satisfying when we innovate and find small ways to improve our working practises which lead to big improvements in the output. Finding these ideas and implementing them is extremely motivating.

How has the company changed since you joined?

The company has changed beyond recognition in many ways. The office I joined has two desks in it, we now have bigger meeting rooms! We’re obviously a lot bigger and a lot smarter in the way we work, but ultimately what hasn’t really changed is the culture – and without question it’s the culture which defines us. Our goal as a management team is to continue this growth while retaining our culture, if we do that we’ll all be very happy!

What has been the highlight of your Carrington West career so far?

In 2017 I won the ‘Nationwide Temporary Recruitment Consultant of the Year’ at the IRP awards, which was hugely satisfying. I felt I’d left behind a solid career and taken a ‘gamble’ when I joined Carrington West, but winning the award was a huge milestone for myself and the company, so a massive highlight.

Now you manage a team, what kind of manager do you think you are?

I’d like to think I’m approachable and supportive. I always hope my team never feel I ask them to do anything I wouldn’t do / haven’t done myself. I’m very lucky in that my team are all very driven and passionate, so in many ways I play the role of ‘coach’ most of the time, which is something I really enjoy.

What is the one thing you think Carrington West does better than others?

There are genuinely so many, which is evident in our staff retention. However, it all boils down to how people are treated. Carrington West has a family feel to it and look after and support their staff in a way which I think it totally unique. This creates a culture of reciprocity where it feels like people are always looking out for each other. Once you have that, everything else seems to click in to place!

What do you look for when you are hiring new people for your team?

I look for grit, motivation, intelligence and good interpersonal communication skills. Previous experience for consultant level roles isn’t necessary, in fact I quite like hiring people with no experience as it gives a blank canvas to train in the Carrington West way.

What advice would you give new recruiters starting out in the industry?

Recruitment is particularly tough in the early stages (the first 6 months or so). Many managers are watching trainees closely during this period to see if they have the personality traits to cope with the knocks (and there are plenty!). If you have perseverance and grit this time will pass and things will start to make sense. I would suggest new recruiters should completely immerse themselves in their industry and never be afraid to ask questions, candidates and clients aren’t offended by this! It’s also worth noting recruitment might not be for everyone. If you are starting out and find the targets or rejections too stressful, you may be better off to make a call on it sooner rather than later. Many people try to ‘force’ recruitment when their natural skills would be far more effective in other sectors.

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